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Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight
I hadn't noticed before, but that cake is supiciously stripper. Has anyone actually checked inside it to make sure there isn't anything untoward? Rogue cacowards, perhaps?

Happy 23rd birthday, Doom. You've run out of milestones for us to make fun of (for now), but here, have some considered cacodemons instead. Eleven for the price of ten! (more)

The /newstuff Chronicles #522

Csonicgo on MAYhem 1500 AKA MAYhem2015: Are you ready for 1.5 litres of Doom action injected straight into your spinal column? No? Too bad, because MAYhem 1500 promises just that. All made during the month of May (allegedly), these maps are restricted to 1500 lines. I didn't even notice this, as most maps worth a damn wind up in that 1000-2000 range anyway. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #41

Friday Night Fragfest and Zdaemon Sessions have not been announced yet for this week, but stay tuned to the multiplayer forum for any updates. Happy fragging!

Doom-themed table for Pinball FX2

On December 6th, there will be a bundle of three Bethesda-game related tables for Pinball FX2 on Steam released. One of them has Doom as the theme. The other two are related to Fallout and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The base game is a free download; the Bethesda-table-bundle-DLC price is not yet announced, but 9.99 Euro is a good guess.

The /newstuff Chronicles #521

gaspe on ECHELON: The levels are all very small, and also very beautiful. They don't feature very complex architecture and tons of sector for borders and trim, but instead they rely on small and unique traits to detail and give character to the various locations. There's also a set of new textures made for this wad, along with some cool graffiti used in the city levels, and you may also recognize some old friends from Eternal Doom. (more)

The /newstuff Chronicles #520

QuirkyKirk on Infested Base: Massao is new to mapping, and it shows. Infested base is his fourth map, though instead of showing some form of learning from his previous maps, it appears that he made them all in quick succession without waiting for criticism. Speaking of criticism, it seems he's attempting to dodge it by stating that he sucks at mapping in the text file. Truly, a recipe for success. (more)

Jupiter Hell, successor to DoomRL, on Kickstarter

Jupiter Hell, successor to Doom the Roguelike, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The creator of DoomRL is seeking 60k to complete a turn-based roguelike with modern 3D graphics and original metal soundtrack, with significant thematic inspiration from Doom. John Carmack has backed the project. The game is scheduled for release on PC/Mac/Linux late 2017, with an early alpha available Jan 2017.