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The /newstuff Chronicles #526
Not Jabba on Lilium: In the textfile, the author says he created this wad while going through a rough time emotionally and that it ended up absorbing a lot of those negative emotions. Like all of his settings, the wintery cityscape of Lilium is shrouded in mystery, full of symbolism and references that I can't clearly identify, but the posters of Putin wearing a crown that are plastered all over the walls and the words "-45C without you" scrawled on a frozen fountain are probably the clearest indications of what was going on in Lainos's head when he made this. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #47

Euro/US Friday Night Fragfest and ZDaemon Sessions have not yet been posted this week, so keep an eye on the multiplayer forum for further updates and other news. Happy fragging!

John Carmack Testifies in ZeniMax vs. Oculus Jury Trial

ZeniMax Media, id Software's parent company, is accusing Oculus of stealing its intellectual property from the time when John Carmack was still an employee at id. These accusations go back to 2014 when Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion, and resulted in the current trial where ZeniMax is seeking damages equal to the price Facebook paid for Oculus; they claim that John Carmack, who became Oculus's CTO after parting with id, used ZeniMax's "copyrighted computer code, trade secret information, and technical know-how" in the development of the Rift. ZeniMax is now further accusing Oculus of "intentional destruction of evidence to cover up their wrongdoing." Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is also to appear on the stand. A Slashdot report based on this Ars Technica article offers a wider summary and historical links.

Risen3D v2.2.31 released

Over a year in the making, Risen3D version 2.2.31 has finally been released. Visit the Risen3D homepage for more details.

The /newstuff Chronicles #525

Not Jabba on Travelling to the moon: The map is stunning to look at, with plenty of panoramic views, gorgeous spot lighting, and lots of those cool scrolling forcefield effects that always seem to be at the heart of CC4-tex maps. The whole thing is set to a great laid-back electronica OGG track, and although the music and the pulsing lights make you want to trance out, the action rarely gives you a break. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #46

Head over to the multiplayer forum for more discussion about events, matches, wads and more. Happy fragging!

ZDoom ceases development

As of 7 January 2017, Randi has stepped down from development of the ZDoom source port, and there will be no more releases under this name. Meanwhile, the offshoots GZDoom the hardware-accelerated version, led by Graf Zahl, who has also massively improved ZDoom throughout the years and QZDoom with true-colour software rendering, led by Eruanna and dpJudas continue to evolve, so any further development should be sought there.

The site, containing among others the forum and the wiki, is going to be maintained by Eruanna. You can read Randi's announcement and the discussions further in a news thread at the ZDoom forums.