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The /newstuff Chronicles #498
Decay on DWANGO: 21st Anniversary: Dwango is a household name in Doom deathmatch and PVP. It is a series of old as dirt (mid-late 1990s) wads usually comprised of compiled maps with a few originals peppered in the mix. Out of about 350 maps, only four are played, and only two regularly, being Dwango5 maps 01 and 07. [. . .] Dwango is also known as a fairly terrible series, because, well, the maps are mostly awful. So how does a wad celebrating the Dwango series stack up? Let's take a gander. (more)

Strife: Veteran Edition hits

You can now pick up Night Dive Studios' re-release of the classic Strife: Quest for the Sigil DRM-free on, for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Optional support for GOG Galaxy achievements, overlay, and lobby-based multiplayer is included. You can pick it up at

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #17

Remember to check out the Multiplayer forum for discussion about clans, matchmaking and other fun events. Happy fragging!

Ultra Nightmare Succumbs To Zero Master

Prior to Doom 2016's release, id Software warned players that no one in the studio had even come close to beating the game on its Ultra Nightmare mode, which adds a permadeath mechanic to the game's hardest difficulty. Enter reknowned Doom speedrunner Zero Master, known for his amazing Doom speedruns like Doom 2 in 19:59, not to mention Doom 2 in Nightmare difficulty in 23:06. He decided to take a crack at Ultra Nightmare and has quickly slain the beast(s), with a successful single-session run of around 4 hours, 45 minutes.

Remember that the original Doom's nightmare mode was added in a patch after players complained the game was too easy - maybe we might see an ultra ultra nightmare mode in the future?

The /newstuff Chronicles #497

Surreily on Doomworld Roulette: Session 1: The Doomworld Roulette contest started a few months back on the Doomworld Forums. The contest, inspired by Russian Roulette, was led by Alfonzo. Instead of a bullet, the "gun" was loaded with six random themes (from jmickle66666666's level theme generator) for authors to base their maps around. However, one of those themes (flagged as eccentric) would involve something unusual that would force the mapper to think creatively. The contest was popular enough to attract more than six mappers, so some additional "guns" were introduced. At the end, the top twelve maps were chosen and compiled into a WAD, and that's what we're looking at today. (more)

Blow Up Your YouTube

Possibly because of the new Doom game that was just released today spurring a renewed interest in classic Doom the past few weeks (or months), lots of new content has come out on that YouTube video streaming website. Here are several you might find worth watching:

A New Doom Game Came Out

A new Doom game was released today. It is called "Doom." In it you once again play as the Doomguy and you shoot a large number of monsters. Early reports are that it is fun. You can read about it at the official website or pick it up for PC or consoles.

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #16

Check out the Multiplayer forum for discussion about clans, matchmaking and other fun events like Midweek Melee. Happy fragging!